What is FTM COIN?

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FTM Coin is based on DAG. DAG i.e. which is a rival technology of blockchain technology which will take over a large part of blockchain technology in future.

Some important facts related to FTM COIN

Trade name of Fantom COIN: FTM

Fantom COIN Global Rank : #61

Current Price of Fantom COIN 0.39/- In  USD

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FTM Coin has got the first mover advantage of DEG and is a very strong project. So far 200+ Dapps have been created inside it, which is a very good thing for it.

What could the future be like?

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FTM is a strong project and totally safe project, you can invest in this coin. You will see this coin growing significantly in the future.

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Should invest in FTM COIN?

FTM has the potential to deliver maximum returns of 50x from here till the next bullrun.

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FTM is available on all the world's best crypto wallets and platforms. You can...

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Where can you buy FTM coin in India?

Please note that the crypto market is full of risk so invest at your own risk. This article has been written for informational purposes only.

Binance,Uniswap,Bybit Pancakeswap,Wazirx,Kucoin Etc.

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